Quotes and thoughts about Hinduism

Hinduism, not only in philosophy, literature, but also in arts, has the ability to produce enormous conceptions, deep and subtle apprehensions that can capture the imagination and stun it with its range, depth, and boldness.

To suggest infinite variations of one supreme essence, the multitude of masks worn by the gods have been used. To express the almost unspoken idea of a unity that accepts polarities, we call it a "union beyond all opposites".

Hinduism has created many striking icons, such as the Divine Two-in-One embrace of Shiva, Shakti, and Shiva alone. Or the two-sided figure Hari-Hara. These are expressions of the seemingly "opposite” creative-destructive forces Vishnu, Shiva, and embodied in one person.

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Hinduism. What did you learn about Hinduism? Hinduism Hinduism- polytheistic religion that was formed from a variety of different religious practices. - ppt download

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Hinduism is similar to the Ganga – Pure and Unsullied Mahatma Gandhi

Hinduism is like Ganga. It is pure and uncontaminated at its source but takes in all the impurities along the way.

It is beneficial in all aspects, even more than the Ganga. Although it takes on a provincial form in each province, its inner substance is kept intact everywhere.

Hindu Dharma is a vast ocean filled with precious gems. You will find more treasures the deeper you dive.

Hinduism can be described as a living organism. It is one and unbreakable at its root. However, it has grown to be a huge tree with many branches. The application of truth is as limitless as knowledge. Each day, we increase our knowledge about the Atman's power and will continue doing so.


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