After Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Cha Cha, Rumba, Salsa and other dances took the cities like New Jersey by storm in the past years, Indian Bollywood dance is the latest dance craze becoming part of USA culture now-a-days. Indian’s huge majority in New Jersey can be a basis for its popularity there, but it’s the only reason? Current Bollywood dance is the mixture of all classical dances, Bhangra, Kathak and other Indian dances.

People in cities like New Jersey are affectionate of Bollywood dances and joining dance school center for dancing classes. Obviously a bollywood choreographer or dancer can help you learning intricacies of bollywood dances comparing to other dancers. Want to locate Bollywood dance studios in your area, just search in your favorite search engine, you may get a listing of dancing schools accessible in your area for dancing classes.  One such Bollywood dance school is

Apart from dancing lessons people are also hiring Bollywood dance troupes for parties, celebrations, wedding and other blissful moments. Dance school and Studios provide classes for different age groups and Bollywood dance troupe team for local functions and exclusive weddings.

Bollywood dance is not only famous in USA; it’s also spreading its popularity around countries like UK, Australia and other European & Asian countries. Dancing is fun and it also gives you a flexible body which is a great asset to your long life. You should try to dance in bollywood style to bollywood tunes, you will find it much more fun and relaxing than most dances out there.