There are many forms of therapy aimed at healing and restoring the soul. Art and music therapy are among the many creative activities that can help patients recover from trauma. Art is an emotional process and movement is a healing process. 

Art has been shown to help with physical, emotional, mental, and social health, says Les Moore, a naturopathic doctor. Art therapy includes music, poetry, drama, dance, photography, songwriting, painting, ceramics, and sculpture. You can schedule an appointmentat an art therapy center.

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Art therapy can be used with children or adults to help them process traumatic experiences. Reduces stress, thereby promoting and accelerating recovery and healing. The number of artists working with medical staff in hospitals and community centers is growing. New research shows that art therapy in hospitals is critical to patient recovery as it reduces patient length of stay and likelihood of readmission.

Help relieve stress and relieve depression, explains music therapists. A British microbiologist reviewed more than 400 research studies and found that art therapy in hospitals helped reduce stress, depression, and anxiety in patients; They experience lower blood pressure, pain, and a reduced need for medication. "Health art is not just a distraction," says a researcher. They can help patients understand and adapt to the complexities of their health condition while helping to build the social relationships that are important to health.