Building commissioning is a team effort that requires the involvement of numerous stakeholders in the process of delivering a successful building project. From your design plans to permit approvals to footings and foundations, you can expect a variety of people to have input on whether or not your project is successful. You can also find a team of building commissioning professionals online via

Why commissioning is a team sport

Building commissioning is a team effort. The entire commissioning process can be completed much more quickly and efficiently when everyone on the team is working together. Here are five tips for making commissioning work well for your team:

1. Set realistic goals. Make sure everyone understands the objectives of the commissioning process and what needs to be accomplished in order to meet those goals. This will help everyone stay on track and avoid wasting time or resources on tasks that aren’t necessary.

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2. Create a timeline. Define how long it will take to complete each task and stick to it. This will help everyone stay organized and focused, and avoid rushing through tasks unnecessarily.

3. Communicate effectively. Make sure everyone knows what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. Use effective communication tools, such as meeting agendas, checklists, and visual aids, to keep everyone on track.

4. Take turns working on tasks. Let everyone have a turn working on key tasks so that no one feels overwhelmed or rushed. This will help build teamwork skills and ensure that all members of the team are contributing their fair share of effort to the commissioning process.

5. Be flexible. Work as a team and plan for extra time, as this can sometimes be the hardest part of commissioning!