Sherwani is a type of clothing worn in the Indian subcontinent. They are made from wool and cotton and can be very expensive. There are many different ways to buy a sherwani. Here is a helpful guide on how to buy a sherwani.

The first step is to decide what type of sherwani you want. There are three main types of sherwani: the dhotar, the kurta, and the pajama. This is the most common type and is made from a single piece of cloth that is draped over your shoulders. The kurta is a tunic-like garment that is usually shorter than the dhotar.

The pajama is a type of Sherwani that is made from layers of cloth that are wrapped around your body like a blanket. The next step is to decide what size sherwani you need. Sherwani comes in different sizes, but most people buy the size that corresponds to their waist measurement. If you are not sure what your waist measurement is, you can use this online waist measurement calculator. 

The last step is to find a Sherwani retailer. There are many places that sell Sherwani online. You can also find them in malls, hotels, and restaurants around India. The most reliable place to buy a Sherwani is at a tailor shop. They are more likely to offer a good price for your Sherwani if you have already purchased the cloth from them.