Are you looking for ingredients to improve the quality of your pet's food? Maybe methyl donor is the material you have been looking for all this time. What is a methyl donor and how good is it for the feed you produce?

These crystal deposits have outstanding absorption properties and are known to absorb large amounts of water vapor, gases, petrochemicals, heavy metals, and even small amounts of radioactive elements. This is achieved by a sufficiently large surface for absorption. 

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The depot has holes in it and can therefore hold up to 50% of its own volume. When added to feed as a supplement, the feed improves. Specific:

1) Non-Stick/Liquid Pet Food – Many pet foods tend to harden and clump when exposed to moisture. The presence of a methyl donor absorbs a lot of moisture, preventing it from sticking. 

2) Increases the durability of pelleted feed – pelleted feed can be damaged if it is not used for a long time. It is sometimes difficult to manage supplies as pet food deteriorates over time. The addition of methyl donors extends the life of the feed.

3) Weight gain and growth of higher animals. – How is that possible? methyl donors actually help increase the efficiency of food conversion rates. In other words, minerals and nutrients are better absorbed by the animal, increasing the rate of growth and weight gain. This is certainly good news for farmers because the animal feed will reduce costs.