What are Aluminium Sail Tracks and Their Uses?

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An aluminium sail track is a great solution that incorporates a sleek track system for attaching different materials to various structures. It is straight, made of aluminium, and can be prepared in several lengths depending on the usage. Aluminium being lightweight, durable, malleable, and strong material is ideal for a sail track. It also has a specially designed edge that slides into the track smoothly. You can also lock this sail permanently or temporarily based on how you want to use it.

Also Known as Rope Tracks

Besides sailboats, sail tracks are commonly used to attach annexes and awnings on campers, motorhomes, and caravans. It allows the whole annex edge to attach to the van wall without any gap for rainwater to flow in. Thus, it protects your camping bliss from a dampener. Rope tracks are also available in different colours (thanks to powder coating) to go well with your camper.

Other Uses of Sail Tracks

These tracks can be safely anchored to beams or walls on the roofs. And, once they are installed, they get seamlessly sewn. To keep shade sails in place, heavy-duty tracks are a great solution.

When installed correctly, shade sails create a tensioned structure that doesn’t flap around with the wind. Banners can also be fixed to poles, walls, flat surfaces, and beams for marketing messages and safety signs to be read easily from anywhere. Moreover, sail tracks also make sure that the banners stay fixed and taut in one place.

However, if you are interested in more uses of sail tracks with boats, you can contact professional Australian boat builders  for the best information and buying advice.