Tasting The Perfect Cigar: A Visit To Tampa’s Cigar Factory

Cigars are one of the most popular forms of tobacco used in North America. And while many people might enjoy smoking a cigar, there is a large selection to be found in the United States. However, the Tampa cigar factory is where you can find only the best quality cigars – and it's a great place to visit!

What is a Cigar?

A cigar is a small, handmade cylinder of leaves and tobacco wrapped in an ajiote wrapper. The ajiote wrapper is a type of cigar wrapper made from the leaves of the Apiaceae plant. The shape and size of a cigar are based on its use: Corona (5” × 50), Robusto (6” × 50), Toro (7” × 52), Belicoso (6 1/2” × 54).

The Tampa Cigar Factory

Located in the heart of Tampa, Florida, The Tampa Cigar Factory is one of the region’s most unique and respected cigar shops. Owned and operated by the Gualtieri family for over two decades, the factory produces an extensive line of hand-made cigars – including a variety of brands that are not typically found in local stores.

Visitors to the factory are welcome to step inside and experience the humidor filled with some of the world’s most sought-after cigars. But that’s only one part of what makes The Tampa Cigar Factory so special. A large part of the shop’s appeal is its knowledgeable staff, who are happy to share their insights on cigars and the industry as a whole.