Why Is It Important To Get A Diabetic Eye Exam?

A diabetic eye exam is an important checkup for people with diabetes. It can help find and treat problems early, so you can maintain good vision. A diabetic eye exam includes a careful exam of your eyes, including a high-resolution check of your retina. It can also include tests for glaucoma, cataracts, and other eye problems. 

A diabetic eye exam is important for both people with diabetes and their families because it can help to identify and correct problems early. A diabetic eye exam includes viewing the eyes with a magnifying glass to check for signs of diabetes, such as vision changes, dryness, and redness. The exam also may include other tests such as checking the blood sugar levels and measuring the blood pressure. 

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When you have diabetes, your eyes are at a greater risk for developing diabetic eye disease. Diabetes increases the risk of cataracts, which are opaque lenses in the eye that can reduce your vision. Diabetic retinopathy is another eye disease that can occur in people with diabetes, and it can lead to blindness. A diabetic eye exam can help identify these conditions and get you started on the right path to treatment. 

Diabetic eye exams are important for people with diabetes because they can help detect early signs of eye disease and improve the quality of life for people with diabetes. A diabetic eye exam includes a complete medical history, examination of the eyes, and testing for conditions that can cause vision problems.