The Ideal Dual Battery Set-Up For Landcruiser

Selecting a vehicle is only the first step in the realm of 4WDs. The most difficult part is picking the appropriate accessories and changes to make an efficient and reliable outback vehicle. You can also visit for the best 79 series Landcruiser dual battery setup.

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It is strongly suggested to get your equipment professionally installed and fitted. You also get to know a lot about the construction and design of your vehicle when you make the modifications on your own.”

A reliable battery system is vital for touring in the outback, and even though it is true that the LandCruiser already has two batteries and those batteries are not suitable for camping or touring needs. 

To create the perfect setup to use the vehicle for camping and touring, you have to split the normal dual battery configuration that supplies power to the various accessories, while also protecting the battery that started it from over-discharge. 

The past could have been accomplished through the installation of battery isolation which allowed the alternator to charge both batteries, while the isolator was able to separate the loads that were connected with each. 

Its REDARC BCDC car dual-battery charger fully protects the battery that is used to start it from being discharged because of accessories that are connected to the battery that is used for auxiliary use which means no more battery problems after a long weekend camping in the kitchen with the fridge running! But it’s much more beyond this.