How to Install a Second Battery

A dual battery system for marine lets you isolate your second battery from your primary one. Utilizing the right battery isolator can prevent an accidental discharge of the starter battery, which can result in you being stuck. It is able to charge both batteries in a sequence of importance using your current motor or source of charge.

To get dual battery system installation services in Perth visit Klarmann Automotive Solutions, a well-known and suitable location to place your second battery in your cars. Install the second battery close to the first one as much as you can and fix it using straps or brackets. Once you've got your location chosen, this dual-battery kit can smartly connect the batteries for charging by following these simple steps.

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Remove the black or negative lead from the main battery to ensure security. Choose a suitable place to install the R140 Isolator. Generally, an aside or dividing wall close to the primary battery is the best choice. 

Then, measure from the positive terminal of the primary battery to the spot where the isolator will be installed to determine the amount from the red wire supplied in the kit that you'll have to connect to the two. 

Cut the cable to length. Connect one of the smaller crimp connectors onto the cable's ends using two crimp pliers. Then, open the side of the isolator, and connect the blue cable with the red one of the isolator. 

Unscrew the proper "knock out" located on the rear of the isolator for the cable to be easily routed. Don't attach the cable you just installed to your battery that is used for primary until the installation is completed.