Solar Powered Water Pumps – A Viable Option For Farmers

Farmers in more remote areas of the country have drilled tube wells to reduce their dependence on the erratic monsoon and inconsistent water supply from canals. This hasn't been a great solution to their water problems due to several reasons. Primarily, the power supply in large swathes is too weak, unstable, or non-existent to offer any real or longtime solutions to farmers' water shortage problems. The rising cost of diesel has made electric motors less affordable for most powers.

Solar-powered farmland watering pumps have proven to be a blessing for farmers in such dire situations, particularly in rural areas where water scarcity is the main reason for crop failures.

Solar Water Pumping

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Solar-powered water pump system for irrigation – how feasible is it?

Solar-powered water pumps are widely used to pump water from rivers, wells, or underground water sources for domestic consumption, livestock feeding, and irrigation of crops. Although they were a viable alternative to diesel or electric-powered motors.

The price of solar-powered pumps was once very high. However, the prices have fallen in recent years due to the introduction of new companies that manufacture solar-powered pumps. These new companies brought powerful solar panels and new technology to bridge the gap between the available and required water supply for agricultural lands. 

Numerous state governments are also playing an important role in encouraging solar-powered pumps, providing subsidies pumps to farmers. High-quality solar water pump manufacturers are constantly developing more efficient, reliable, and affordable solar-powered water pumps for agriculture. Farmers in rural areas of the country embrace solar pumps with open hearts, despite the fact that they can save thousands of rupees on diesel each year and their costs plummeting.