Kite Surfing Lessons and Tips

Kitesurfing is soon becoming a popular water sport. Unlike other water sports, kitesurfing is very easy to learn. All you would need are just a few kitesurfing lessons and rent some equipment, you will be all ready to sail on water at speed in excess of 40 miles per hours and sometimes even fly 30 feet above water. Most kite surfers need only 2 days of training to get started. Here are some skills that would help you get started:

Start with land lessons: Land based lessons are the best to start with. You can visit and begin with your training. Land based lessons teach you how to control the kite which is one of the most important parts of kitesurfing. All kitesurfing experts believe that the sport is all about kite control.

Body dragging: Before your strap your feet to a board, you should experience the dragging effect that the kite produces on your body. Start by flying the kite closer to water, keeping your legs together and head down. This is an essential lesson which would help you handle a lost board situation.

Start kitesurfing on water: Once you are done with your land kitesurfing lessons and body dragging training, you are ready to step on water with a board. Start by riding downwind because that ways you would have to face lot lesser resistance than surfing sideways. Make sure that you are driving your body weight through your legs, feet and hips. Always make sure that you lean back at an angle of 45 degrees. This would make balancing your body and controlling the kite much easier.