How to Play Steel Guitar Slide

Playing a steel guitar slide involves playing the string down to the fretboard with your index finger, then bending the string up towards the middle of the fretboard with your thumb. This creates a note that is halfway between the original pitch and the next higher note in the scale.

A steel guitar slide is one of the most popular and versatile guitar techniques. You can use it to add a touch of country, rockabilly, or blues flavor to your playing. Here's how to play a steel guitar slide: 

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1. Place your thumb on the back of the neck and let the other fingers hang down. This position gives you more control over the slide. 

2. Place the slide on the strings so that the flat side is against the string and hold it in place with your thumb. Keep your hand close to the fretboard so that you don't have to stretch too far to play each note. 

3. Play each note by pressing down firmly on the slide with your fingers, then releasing it just before you play the next note. Don't hold onto the slide for too long; it will wear out over time.  

4.  you'll need to learn the basic chords and how to play them.