Gap Analysis And Validation Methodology for Automotive Industry

Gap Analysis and Validation methodology is a method for design validation that can be used to perform a rigorous assessment of the current design process; thereby justifying the need for change in the existing design process. The paper has described the gap analysis process; its importance, key parameters, and its rationale. I strongly recommend this paper to every automotive enthusiast and engineer working in this industry so that they could get an idea of what is gap analysis and why it's essential. Hire gap analysis experts at

Again, this article has included a new and innovative approach for improvement in the manufacturing industry to improve the product design phase. Thus, various parameters helpful in the effective adoption and application of gap analysis and validation methodology for the automotive industry have been discussed in a detailed manner.

The contrast of the gap analysis and validation methodology is therefore vital in evaluating the performance of a design and engineering process. Its role in modern organization design has also been emphasized in this paper. This methodology can therefore be applied to new business ventures and existing organizations to facilitate improvements to the design process.

Gap analysis and validation methodology are innovative approaches to assessing the current product development process. This rigorous assessment of the current design process justifies the need to change the existing design process.