Prostatitis Antibiotics Versus Natural Prostate Supplements

Prostatitis antibiotics are typically prescribed to patients who suffer from prostate infections. However, in many cases, they stop working or do not work at all.

Herbal prostate supplements that may be used to relieve symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) include beta-sitosterol, cernilton, Pygeum africanum, and saw palmetto.

What can you do?

You can continue to go around and hope that you'll be able to receive different antibiotics for prostatitis, of course. And you may even get lucky. Also, you could perform a few other tasks to aid the process.

natural prostate supplements

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Here are a few things to try:

Zinc: People suffering from prostatitis are usually low in zinc levels when they have it tested. Did you test your levels of zinc? If not, a natural health practitioner can check your levels for you. Your condition may be alleviated by having sufficient zinc.

Pygeum: It is an excellent herb to ease pain caused by prostatitis. It's been proven to ease inflammation (which is a must when you suffer from prostatitis) and acts as a mild anti-inflammatory and, if suffering from urinary issues, could aid in addressing those as well (by aiding the muscles of the urinary bladder — beneficial even if there aren't any prostate issues).

Fish oil: Omega 3 fats found in fish are highly effective in combating inflammation in your body, and even the prostate. It is important to "lube up" your internal organs as best you can. A good quality fish oil can help you achieve this.