Types Of Socks + Sock Lengths And Fabrics Explained

These are the kinds of questions that can make me get up at night to sleep and write the most complete detailed, thorough article on the Internet on sock types.

If you have any questions regarding socks, you're at the right spot. This guide will show you how to select the right socks like quarter socks for every circumstance.

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It can't be even discussed about kinds of socks without speaking about the length of the sock. Many people confuse the two terms, sock length and sock type that can be difficult due to their length.

Type is more about the material and function. Is it a crew made of cotton socks? A dress sock made of wool? A casual socks? An ankle-length hiking socks?

While socks have more to them than just their length well it's an important aspect and is what we'll be focusing on today.

There's not a standard name for lengths of stock, therefore, you'll find different terms being used to refer to the identical item.

In this research, it couldn't be resisted thinking that people are attempting to complicate this. Therefore, let's simplify it.

They're not technically "socks" as such, however, they do form an obstacle between your feet and your shoe, which is why they are being put here.

They are designed to go with shoes that are low cut such as loafers, and boat shoes. If you're annoyed with the way certain "invisible" socks are visible over your shoes' collars then you'll appreciate liner socks.