Subscription Services for a Continuous Revenue Stream

The physical world of tangible goods and services are transitioning to the internet or as new online goods and services are developed in the digital age the current trend is to pursue subscription pricing instead of traditional pay-once pricing. Subscription pricing has a higher income yield because of the regular nature of subscription costs. You may contact for hiring subscription-based services.

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Think about the income potential of selling an eBook as opposed to selling subscription services through your membership site. Which one would you pick in the event of the option to choose? You could opt to choose both options which are fine however the analysis of business cases will show the advantages of a subscription model.

In the world of software, the pricing models for enterprises have been shifted to a subscription model, where businesses are seeking to make gains in the increasingly competitive market. Since desktop computing is moving to web-based services and the subscription model, in particular, is logical. It's a subscription service where recurring fees can be utilized to keep enjoying the service.

Another option is to provide free services for the basic version of the service and then sell the service on an annual fee for more additional features. This method is common in the software that can be downloaded and installed on a desktop computer, or in web-based services.

Subscriptions or Membership Service Ideas for a Membership Service or Subscription

  • SMS Text Messaging

  • Images Hosting to Support Social Networking

  • Online Magazine Publishing (maybe a blog)

  • Stock Market Charts

  • Self-improvement Blogs

  • Games and Puzzles

A lot of suggestions for services aren't original. If it's something worthwhile, someone is already working on the process.