Understanding Running Footwear Choices

The relationship between the choice of the ideal running footwear and having a running injury is a contentious topic. You will find strongly held thoughts for both sides of this discussion and there is very little scientific research to help you take care of the debate. The concept is that an athlete must have the proper running footwear for their biomechanics in order to prevent an running injury from occurring, so if the incorrect shoe may be used there is an increased chance for injury. Nevertheless, the specific research that supports that commonly used content is just not at this time there bringing about the thoughts and discussions about this issue. The athletic shoes market is valued at several billion dollars and up to fifty percent or maybe more athletes have an overuse injury each year, therefore a great deal is at stake with this argument.

A recent episode of the podiatrist's live show, PodChatLive the show's hosts chatted with the runner and also podiatrist Michael Nitschke concerning this issue and just what purpose, in general does the running footwear play in overuse injury. They also specifically talked over a new shoe made by Nike which they say will decrease the running injury prevalance. You can find some Nike funded investigation which backs up this claim, but that research has not yet been published resulting in a lot of rumours and further fuelling the controversy on this concern. The PodChatLive was useful as it considered all the items without taking one side or another. The 2 hosts and Michael Nitschke are runners themselves and still have to produce judgements not only for what shoes they are intending to run in but additionally help to make recommendations to their clients that they see with clinical conditions. This must be carried out in the circumstance with the uncertainness together with the data which underpins the prescription and use of athletic shoes. Certainly, they believe that comfort is among the most important factor to take into account when making options about running footwear.