All that You Should Know about Fixed Gear Bikes!

Of the many different types of bikes, fixed gear bikes are the ones that are considered the simplest. Professionals generally recommend these bikes to beginners. Fixies are the ones that are easy to ride and so all beginners can get started with them for the first time. Every bike has its type of gear but these are the ones that don't have any gear. 

Thus, it becomes easy for beginners to ride a bike for the first time. You might be aware of the fact that riding a fixie has never been rocket science. You only have to pedal to move forward. It is as easy as it sounds. You can also look online to find single-speed/fixie bikes in your area.

That's why you notice that the bike will stop at the same place where you stop pedaling. You need to improve your pedaling speed when you want to push or run. Since the speed of the bike depends on you, you need to be very careful. 

You should know that coasting is not possible as the bike does not have freewheels. Sometimes you must have felt that these fixed gear bikes are such that only teenagers use them but it is not so. Apart from beginners, some professional riders also use this type of bike.

When you look around you will find that the owners of fixed gear bikes are mostly city dwellers. Since these bikes are made for roads, you will find them in many urban areas. If you are a beginner and planning to ride, and then make sure you don't take the bike to a hilly area. It will either break or you can fall badly and injure yourself.

The best part of these types of fixies is that they are very efficient and you have to pedal them so that you can reach the desired location in the estimated time as well. This may sound very tiring but when your feet start pedaling you will notice that it will automatically increase the efficiency and speed as well.