How to Choose a VR Headset

If you are thinking about purchasing a VR headset, there are a few things that you need to consider. The first is what type of VR headset you want. There are two main types of VR headsets: mobile and tethered.

Mobile VR headsets are the most popular, and they can be used with smartphones or tablets. Tethered VR headsets require a separate device known as a virtual reality head-mount display (HMD). HMDs are typically more expensive than mobile VR headsets at, but they offer better graphics and wider compatibility.

The next thing that you need to decide is your budget.VR headsets range in price from $30 to $600. Once you have decided on your budget, you can begin to look at different types of VR headsets.

Mobile VR headsets tend to be less expensive, but they don’t offer as good of graphics as tethered VR headsets. Tethered VR headsets offer better graphics, but they can be more expensive than mobile VR headsets.  Don’t forget to read our list of the best laptops for playing games at 1080p/60fps too.

The next thing that you need to decide is where you plan on using your VR headset. Both mobile and tethered VR headsets can be used in either indoor or outdoor environments.