Video testimonials give your prospects instant feedback about your product or service from real people who speak openly and positively about them. You can also look for the best remote video testimonials services through various online sources.

Conversion rates go up dramatically when video testimonials are introduced on websites, and it's all because potential customers just want someone they can believe to tell them what you sell is worth it.

It's all about trust

Many companies forget that they are not only selling their products or services but also promoting their credibility. Your trust is as valuable as anything you sell. If consumers feel they can't trust your business, they're almost certainly not spending their hard-earned money on your product or service. 

Video testimonials help build trust, especially with companies that consumers generally don't know. Being able to see and hear real people make untested statements about how great your company is can greatly encourage your customers to see your company as a worthy investment.

Hard to fake

The main reason video reports create a higher level of trust is because they are much more difficult to fake. Unfortunately, many companies are more than willing to make fake testimonials online. Creating fake written testimonials is super easy, and adding a smiley frame for “happy customers” requires a bit of searching for images that can be faked. 

Faking video testimonials is much more expensive and time-consuming – and most satisfied customers are happy to help you out for free or with a small incentive, so why fake it?