The NordicTrack S27i is the newest iFit compatible exercise bike on the market. If the 22 inch rotating touchscreen on the S22i isn't big enough for you to see the instructor led spin classes, then maybe the industry leading 27 inch screen on the S27i will be better for you. With all of the recent shake ups with Peloton Interactive, the NordicTrack S27i may be a big enough reason for some people to switch from Peloton to iFit. The incline and decline feature from the S22i is also being integrated on the NordicTrack S27i, which is one of the most unique things about these NordicTrack exercise bikes. According to TailhappyTV, the motor on the NordicTrack S27i will allow the entire bike to decline to -10% and also incline to +20%, which allows riders to simulate riding up and down hills on the iFit scenic rides. Peloton does not have the ability to incline or decline, however, there are similar scenic rides available on the Peloton platform.

Even though Peloton has made an effort to create better scenic rides, most customers agree iFit still excels with the scenic rides available on the NordicTrack S27i. On the other hand, Peloton tends to have a more loyal fan base for their studio rides. Regardless of whether you want to participate in studio rides or scenic rides, the 27 inch HD touchscreen on the NordicTrack S27i is the largest we've seen on any indoor cycling bike to date. Time will tell if 27 inches is large enough, or if future bikes will integrate an even larger tablet. TailHappyTV recently published a NordicTrack S27i review detailing all the features of the latest iFit compatible stationary exercise bike.