The seawall is a long, sloping, shoreline barrier that can be built within the natural coastline for protection against erosion. The wall of sand and clay would protect the land from strong waves and flooding because it can resist the force of waves on top by deflecting the water towards either side. 

Seawalls are a popular type of coastal construction that can have a variety of benefits for a community. Here are three unexpected benefits of concrete seawall installation

1. They can help protect communities from erosion. Seawalls can help stabilize the coast and reduce the amount of sand and sediment that flows into the ocean. This can help protect communities from storms and erosion, which can damage property and disrupt daily life.

2. They can improve water quality. Seawalls can help create a barrier between the ocean and freshwater ecosystems, which can improve water quality in nearby areas. This is especially beneficial for coastal communities that rely on marine resources such as fishing and tourism.

3. They can increase property values. Seawalls increase the value of real estate near the coast, which can benefit residents who may not be able to afford other types of housing. This also creates jobs in the construction industry, which helps contribute to local economies.