Quality watches generally have a high cost of money. It is highly unlikely that the person who owns the watch is extremely wealthy and reckless with his money that a costly watch will be sold within a couple of years. The best quality watches that range from Rolexes to Bvlgari's and more are likely to remain in the family for a decade or longer. 

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The best watches will require regular maintenance, which might mean a quick change of batteries or something more substantial that includes changing the gaskets in the rubber of watches that are waterproof. 

What is the best way for a luxury watchmaker to find a reliable service center and what kind of service is required?

Before you bring your watch, which can cost you thousands of dollars to get it serviced at a local center for service and read the owner's manual. Some watch companies offer services for their own brands, and others work with service centers for repairs. 

The authorized service centers will have the components needed to fix your watch right away and will know the model and procedures to maintain it, and are controlled by watchmakers to a certain degree. Going to a non-authorized service center could result in lengthy or even poor repairs that could damage the authenticity of your family's treasured heirloom.